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Charity and Projects

In FrWM, we preach the gospel our Lord Jesus Christ through media Evangelism, and humanitarian outreaches. Some of our projects include;

1. Educate All: 

With the recent changes in the
educational system for most schools
due to the wake of Covid, and the ongoing civil unrest, our goal is to make
sure we;

1. Provide Learning continuity for all
2. Ensure Return to safe and protective
3. Build resilience in the education
system of affected regions and
countries worldwide. Especially those
hit by both COVID 19, civil unrest and
other natural disasters.

Though this project considers Sub
Saharan Africa as it main
target/project zone, we however will
intervene in other regions as a matter
of urgency. We focus on primary,
secondary and Vocational education,
but with more emphasis on primary

This project also provides construction
of classrooms for local school, building
of Schools for underserved areas,
provision of scholarships, books and
school supplies for pupils.

W o m e n I n E n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p :

The women in entrepreneurship (WIE)
project is designed to build and train
female business leaders in small size

The program involves a 6 – 9
months free training for a selected
beneficiaries on Beauty and Fashion
designing. At the end of the program,
these trainees will benefit from the Low or
no interest microfinance loan scheme to
start-up a practice


The Home Alone project began in
2007 and so far, has helped thousands
of kids and Seniors to get a home and
shelter over their heads. Though we
don't own any shelter as of now, the
project identifies these vulnerable
groups through our community
partners and places them with local
orphanages and/or assisted living
centres. For the past years, this project
has also provided necessities to

Task at hand:

So far, we looking to set up an
Orphanage and an Assisted living
centre in the southwest Region of
Cameroon, due to the rise of homeless
kids and abandoned ageing individuals
as a result of the current civil unrest.
This centre will comprise of Hostels, a
place of worship, mini clinic, and an
elementary school.

             GREEN HOUSE

L i g h t u p :

Light up is designed to help rural arears with power issues.

The project
uses solar panels to produce energy for rural farmers.


This Project initially began in 2007 as
hospital outreach and renamed affordable
health for all in 2020. This program
provides medical supplies to rural clinics
and hospitals. We also assist in patients on
medical bills. For this year, lots focus has
been geared towards the COVID-19


Cassava Processor --- This Project is designed to ensure food security
and food availability. It consists of 3 phases:

1.  Empowering local cassava farmers, through a low or no interest
microfinance loan scheme to enhance cassava cultivation.
2.  Purchasing the cassava tubers back from these farmers to feed the
transformation units. Farmers get profits from reselling these tubers to
the project while the capital is then recycled into the microfinance loan
3.  Marketing of the end products (Gari, Fufu, flour and chips)

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